Twilight analysis essay

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Twilight analysis essay

The series was written by a woman, from the perspective of a first person, female protagonist. However, despite these deceptive advantages, the central character of Bella Swan is overwhelmingly regressive in regards to feminist ideology.


De Beauvoir consistently challenged traditional and unequal gender roles in The Second Sex- the same damaging gender roles that Stephenie Meyer blithely resuscitates in the Twilight saga. There has been much debate surrounding the Twilight saga, in particular the character of Bella Swan, her personality traits, and whether she is a good role model to the thousands of young women who declare themselves devotees of the series.

Many literary reviews of the series label Bella Swan a heroine. By definition, a heroine performs heroic acts- and consistently so.

A heroine is noted, and celebrated, for her courage and daring actions. Bella Swan exhibits none of these qualities.

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Bella Swan spends the majority of the Twilight saga standing precariously on the side-lines of the action, in full faith that men will fight her battles for her. Throughout the Twilight saga, she is constantly described as fragile and breakable, her victimhood consequently exploited and fetishized.

Much of the physical interaction between Bella and her male counterparts reveals a loss of control- or rather, a willing relinquishment. She is often pulled, dragged and restrained by her love interests Jacob Black and Edward Cullen, with these adjectives betraying the physical manifestations of her willing oppression that leak into the fibre of the text.

Twilight analysis essay

It is a recognisable theme in teenage literature- an outcast, unpopular protagonist, at odds with the world around her. But in Bella Swan, Stephenie Meyer has created a character that openly wallows in self-pity and self-loathing, mourning her own irreversible flaws.

She remains a passive, stagnant, character who, every so often, momentarily jerks into life- but only when it is required of her by her male counterparts. With a subplot of an additional love interest Jacob Black the Twilight saga manages to reinforce notions of women as possessions belonging to the patriarch, to be protected and consequently handed over in marriage, not unlike goods.

In New Moon, the second book in the series, the Cullen family leave the town of Forks. What is significant is that she soon finds solace in the arms of Jacob Black, a childhood friend and werewolf with whom she attributes lifting her out her depression.

Bella Swan is a victim, a character that is in a constant state of suffering and pain. In the saga this pain alternates between the emotional and the physical. Bella falls into a catatonic state of depression when Edward leaves her and she does not recover until another strong male figure enters her life.

Meyer uses the physical, hard copy of the text to illustrate the blank despair Bella experiences. As Bella is passed from care of man to man, she becomes acutely aware of this fact. This is a patriarchal theme that is instrumental to the narrative, and Bella, a teenager on the cusp of womanhood, is constantly infantilised by the men around her.Horace Newcomb, PhD, Editor “The most definitive resource on the history of television worldwide.” – Library Journal.

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