The negligence theories in the management of an organization

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The negligence theories in the management of an organization

The negligence theories in the management of an organization

This section shall apply to acts of negligence occurring on or after October 1, If the court finds that the amount awarded is clearly excessive or inadequate, it shall order a remittitur or additur, as the case may be.

If the party adversely affected by such remittitur or additur does not agree, the court shall order a new trial in the cause on the issue of damages only. The Legislature recognizes that the reasonable actions of a jury are a fundamental precept of American jurisprudence and that such actions should be disturbed or modified only with caution and discretion.

However, it is further recognized that a review by the courts in accordance with the standards set forth in this section provides an additional element of soundness and logic to our judicial system and is in the best interests of the citizens of Florida.

No contract which restricts such liability shall be legal or binding. However, the person or organization owning or controlling the interest in real property shall not be immune from liability if gross negligence or intentional misconduct on the part of such person or organization or agent thereof is a proximate cause of the death of or injury or damage to the trespasser.

The status of a person who enters real property shall not be elevated to that of an invitee, unless the person or organization owning or controlling an interest in real property has issued an express invitation to enter the property or has manifested a clear intent to hold the property open to use by persons pursuing purposes such The negligence theories in the management of an organization those pursued by the person whose status is at issue.

To avoid liability to discovered trespassers, a person or organization owning or controlling an interest in real property must refrain from gross negligence or intentional misconduct that proximately causes injury to the discovered trespasser, and must warn the trespasser of dangerous conditions that are known to the person or organization owning or controlling an interest in real property but that are not readily observable by others.

Constructive knowledge may be proven by circumstantial evidence showing that: However, this section does not apply to motor vehicles owned or leased by an employer nor to acts by an employee within the scope of employment as defined in subsection 2.

However, an employee shall be deemed to be within the course of employment when the employee is engaged in the performance of duties assigned or directed by the employer, or acting in the furtherance of the business of the employer, irrespective of location.

A background investigation under this section must include: Except for the immediate response to the spill or threatened spill, all activities to prevent, contain, clean up, and dispose of, or to attempt to prevent, contain, clean up, and dispose of, the hazardous material shall be in accordance with applicable state and federal law.

Any health care provider, including a hospital licensed under chapterproviding emergency services pursuant to obligations imposed by 42 U.

The negligence theories in the management of an organization

The immunity provided by this paragraph applies to damages as a result of any act or omission of providing medical care or treatment, including diagnosis: Which occurs prior to the time the patient is stabilized and is capable of receiving medical treatment as a nonemergency patient, unless surgery is required as a result of the emergency within a reasonable time after the patient is stabilized, in which case the immunity provided by this paragraph applies to any act or omission of providing medical care or treatment which occurs prior to the stabilization of the patient following the surgery.

Which is related to the original medical emergency. Every emergency care facility granted immunity under this paragraph shall accept and treat all emergency care patients within the operational capacity of such facility without regard to ability to pay, including patients transferred from another emergency care facility or other health care provider pursuant to Pub.

The failure of an emergency care facility to comply with this subparagraph constitutes grounds for the department to initiate disciplinary action against the facility pursuant to chapter Any health care practitioner as defined in s.

The immunity provided by this paragraph does not apply to damages as a result of any act or omission of providing medical care or treatment unrelated to the original situation that demanded immediate medical attention.

The technician may not be employed by the state agency or subdivision administering the distribution of the fire control or fire rescue equipment. An act or omission of an officer, employee, or agent of the state agency or subdivision which constitutes malice, gross negligence, recklessness, or intentional misconduct; or 2.

Nothing in this section shall be construed as a waiver of sovereign immunity. Is capable of recognizing the presence or absence of ventricular fibrillation, and is capable of determining without intervention by the user of the device whether defibrillation should be performed.

Upon determining that defibrillation should be performed, is able to deliver an electrical shock to an individual. In addition, notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, and except as provided in subsection 4any person who acquired the device and makes it available for use, including, but not limited to, a community association organized under chapterchapterchapterchapterchapteror chapteris immune from such liability, if the harm was not due to the failure of such person to: The device is equipped with audible, visual, or written instructions on its use, including any such visual or written instructions posted on or adjacent to the device; 2.

The employee or agent was not an employee or agent who would have been reasonably expected to use the device; or 3.

The period of time elapsing between the engagement of the person as an employee or agent and the occurrence of the harm, or between the acquisition of the device and the occurrence of the harm in any case in which the device was acquired after engagement of the employee or agent, was not a reasonably sufficient period in which to provide the training.

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This section does not require that an automated external defibrillator device be placed at any building or other location or require an acquirer to make available on its premises one or more employees or agents trained in the use of the device.

The guidelines for the placement of the automated external defibrillators shall take into account the typical number of employees and visitors in the buildings, the extent of the need for security measures regarding the buildings, special circumstances in buildings or portions of buildings such as high electrical voltages or extreme heat or cold, and such other factors as the State Surgeon General and Secretary of Management Services determine to be appropriate.

In formulating these guidelines and recommendations, the State Surgeon General may consult with all appropriate public and private entities, including national and local public health organizations that seek to improve the survival rates of individuals who experience cardiac arrest.

Such person, and the source of any such compensation, if the volunteer is not acting as an agent of the source, shall incur no civil liability for any act or omission by such person which results in personal injury or property damage if: It is the intent of the Legislature to encourage our best and brightest people to serve on elected and appointed boards, councils, and commissions.

Any building, vehicle, place, or structure, or any room or division in a building, vehicle, place, or structure, that is maintained and operated as a place where food is regularly prepared, served, or sold for immediate consumption on or in the vicinity of the premises; or to be called for or taken out by customers; or to be delivered to factories, construction camps, airlines, locations where catered events are being held, and other similar locations for consumption at any place; 2.

Any public location with vending machines dispensing prepared meals; or 3. Any retail grocery store. However, this provision does not create a duty of care where none existed prior to the enactment of this section.Jean Keating Law. Jean Keating, lawyer for the people.

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Sec. a. Actions for loss of consortium re death of spouse independent for determination of damages. Any claim or cause of action for loss of consortium by one spouse with respect to the death of the other spouse shall be separate from and independent of all claims or causes of action for the determination of damages with respect to such death.

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