Porphyrias lover robert browning essay

There are several aspects common in both poems. Using the literary technique of dramatic dialogue, the author reveals the plot and central idea of each poem. Robert Browning tells each poetic story through a single speaker. Both poems reveal an account in which the admirer kills the object of his love.

Porphyrias lover robert browning essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? The mood is grim and despondent throughout the whole poem. The speaker in the poem shows through many ways that Porphyria yearned for her death, through the spontaneity of her murder, his solemn demeanor, her sickly symptoms, and the smile that was on her face when she was killed.

The mood is very dismal and melancholy.

It begins with a description of a storm approaching. This sets the overall tone of the poem. The speaker seems to be in a solemn mood because he is troubled with what he is about to do. He is preparing himself for the horrific crime he must commit. When Porphyria sits beside him, he does not respond to her when she speaks to him.

The speaker hints that something is wrong with Porphyria. He states that she has passion for him, but is too weak to express it, even though she has done so before. His love for her was futile and hopeless because of her failing health and he knew they would not be together for much longer.

The speaker was not yet decided upon what he wanted to do with their situation. The act of taking her life was spontaneous, a spur of the moment decision. Even though her death was inevitable, he had not known the means to which her demise would be carried out.

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After he kills her, he convinces himself that she felt no pain. This proves that he did not do it out of anger or revenge. The lover warily opened her eyes and he saw no blame in them, only happiness. He described her blue eyes as laughing which reveals what she feels in the last moments of her life.

I warily oped her lids: This makes the spontaneity of the act all the more understandable. The speaker was not able to let her go, even after her death.

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His act of love burdens and renders him unable to relinquish his love just yet. His actions were ethically right and not one God from any religion would disagree and punish him for it. The speaker is seen as a madman, when really, he is a man faced with a task that he must grant unto his love.

Brown sets up the play as gloomy when he writes that a storm if fast approaching and the wind is blowing so hard that the trees are bending. The lover finds it hard to speak to Porphyria because he is faced with a horrific situation. Her murder was made with a split decision and carried out with great remorse.

Porphyrias lover robert browning essay

He even remarks upon her pale face, hinting that she is sick. After her death, she has a smile on her face and her eyes are laughing.

This is a telltale sign that she wished for her own painless death to escape a gruesome one down the road. His love for was so great that even the Gods could not object to him killing her.

Works Cited Best, J. Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, The summary of Porphyria’s Lover by Robert Browning pen pictures a lover who is all alone by himself in his house as the night heralds a storm. His lady love, Porphyria comes over to his place drenched in rain and lights the fireplace to warm her.

Teaching “Porphyria’s Lover” by Robert Browning May 19, Dana Huff 1 Comment As I mentioned over the weekend, on Friday, a colleague allowed me to teach her British literature class. Specifying Fictional character: Solitude as a Litmus Test in “Mariana” and “Porphyria’s Lover” Victorian poets Robert Browning and Alfred.

Porphyria's Lover - Robert Browning analysis The poem, Porphyria's Lover by the English poet Robert Browning, is a dramatic monologue spoken in first person by a male lover that is obsessed with his lady, Porphyria.

3/5(8). Essay about Porphyrias Lover and My Last Duchess by Robert Browning. Words | 9 Pages. My Last Duchess and Porphyria’s Lover by Robert Browning In the two poems there is a lot of ‘dramatic monologue’ where the writer is showing his personal his personal feelings in the poem.

It is also classified when a single person is talking. The individuals in Robert Browning’s poems ‘Porphyria’s Lover’ and ‘My Last Duchess’, as well as Nora in Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House behave in a radical and confronting manner as viewed by 19 th century society, overcoming the constraints placed by the world they live in.

They challenge society’s ideals regarding the.

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