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Development of life in Ghana is meaningless unless linked up with development of Africa! Briefly taken aback, I was very happy that I had been given the opportunity to comment on something that had preoccupied me the whole weekend, and that was evidently the passing of Nana Amma, mentioned earlier, who had passed away from complications surrounding an operation for brain tumour. When I got to work, I made sure that I called with the contribution that ran something like this:

Citi fm write away contest ghana music

You are there to assist me. As part of his development consultancy work, Senanu is concerned with public participation policy. His specific area of concern revolves around how Ghanaians are comfortable complaining, but not translating their anguish into engaging institutions.

Although Aryee started off as an academic, her passion for excellent customer care delivery is one of the reasons why Omansi was born. For the national customer service advocate, there is a general challenge with the make-up of employees in that they are generally not knowledgeable about the services of the company, or work, they do.

Consequently, Omansi offers an alternative pool of frontline staff by training undergraduates to deliver world-class service. First, there is the basic service that is generally disappointing, and results in fights between clients and customers. For Aryee, this is the three that one generally finds in the sub-region — even as they exist concurrently with two other kinds of service — namely: That said, she believes the idea of serving eludes Ghanaians as a culture.

For example, there is a culture characterised by one where younger generation is always serving the older ones.

For Senanu, the core of customer care is about satisfaction. In his view, some skills cannot be learnt from the home eye contact; smiling etiquette.

Once people learn how these soft skills can positively-impact businesses, they begin taking customer service a bit more seriously.

For him, it is not the fact that there is either a manual, Charter or framework on customer care that people will have it delivered — for which reason institutions, such as the UNDP, come in to encourage us to go a step further.

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It cuts across everything — whether public or private. Ghanaians like to talk about the country being the gateway to West Africa. If that were the case, we should have been ahead. There are a lot of things Ghanaians can begin to do, including exposure; education; and building of skills starting in the classroom.

If one is expecting a person to give me a service, at best, they should have experienced it from somewhere. She continues that, if the educational system were infused with experiential and non-conventional learning, they would have picked up this stuff.

The universities adds these skills, hence the targeting of under-graduates as an alternative pool. All this said, tourism and hospitality industries, in her view, are spending a fortune on training, which only begs the question of why there continues to be a gap on delivering that world-class customer service that has, to date, proved elusive in Ghana.

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Pressed to explain their take-home messages, this is what the two had to say. According to Senanu, leaders should give staff the opportunity for exposure to world-class customer care.

citi fm write away contest ghana music

They should be allowed to spend two or three weeks on the field that would help them appreciate world-class customer care service delivery. For her part, Dr. Sometimes, she avers, they need to be patient; and remember the principle of reciprocity: Finally, there is a centrality of processes, and standardization of processes.

Simply put, it is important to identify, then standardize, processes that will offer world-class customer care service, so one can deliver same processes to a customer over time. Bensah Jr from 14h05 to 15h00 every Wednesday. You can download all podcasts from www.

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The Write-Away Contest is an annual competition geared towards building a vibrant culture of reading and writing among young pupils. The list of the top 20 entrants for Citi FM’s Write-Away Contest will be released on October 20, The list will be made up of 20 young people, who has evidently written the most impressive stories, after the contest’s .

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